GPS Cars Head-up-display HUD Windshield Speedometer

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Want to install those Digital Windshield Speedometers in your car that you see in the very high-end cars? Get yours here. 

Keep an eye on crucial driving information without ever taking your eyes off the road. Taking your eyes off the street for only two seconds when driving at 50km/h implies you'll go for 27 meters successfully visually impaired. That is a frightening idea. 

Be aware of your speed while never taking your eyes off the street, and effortlessly monitor imperative dashboard data while you drive because of the GPS Auto Head Up Show. 
Important information, when and where you require it most. 

Some new, top of the line vehicles are being developed with head shows. That is on account of it's a more secure, simpler approach to see essential driving data like your speed. 
GPS satellite following sends data including your driving velocity straight to your gadget, which extends this critical data onto your windshield, straightforwardly in your driving viewable pathway. 

Additionally, with a wide Drove screen and auto shine modification, the GPS Auto Head Up Show can extend clear and distinctive data in every single driving condition, day and night.

  • Multiple parameters: Comprehensive display, it can display many parameters at the same time: Speed, Direction, Driving time, Mileage measurement, Distance, Speed alarm, KM to Miles, altitudes. 
  • Colorful design: Multi-color design display makes the screen easier to read. 
  • Auto Brightness: Choice of setting brightness on AUTO or Manual to be able to drive without glare. 
  • Convenient: Starts with the vehicle starting and shuts down with engine shutdown. 
  • 5.5" screen and high-definition display; 
  • Automatic adaptation car models. 
  • Alerts if you exceed the speed limit by setting over-speed buzzing alarm; 
  • Displays precise local time and altitude in accordance with the satellite. 



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